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Discover a redefined beauty experience at Misstia Beauty. We specialize in eyelash extensions and eyebrow embroidery, tailoring each treatment to your unique features and preferences. Our eyelash extensions enhance your natural beauty, from subtle to dramatic looks. With eyebrow embroidery, we craft brows that fit your face. Beyond that, we offer manicure, pedicure, and gel polish services. Our skilled professionals ensure a flawless waxing experience. Experience personalized beauty at Misstia, where you're the canvas and we're the artists. Unveil your unique beauty today.

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Eyelash Styles

Eyelash styles can drastically change one's appearance, adding drama, elegance, or a touch of whimsy depending on the chosen look.

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 Fairy Brown

 Add a touch of elegance with our Brown Lashes! Perfect for a softer, more natural look that still gives you beautiful length and volume. Elevate your everyday beauty effortlessly!

Classic Premium

Enhancing Every Glimpse of Beauty: Experience the Timeless Elegance of Classic Eyelash Extensions, Where Each Natural Lash Meets Its Perfect Match.


Combining classic elegance with voluminous drama for a seamless, striking look that enhances natural beauty effortlessly  

3D Volume

Captivating 3D Volume: Transform Your Lashes into a Symphony of Depth and Drama, as Every Wink Creates Mesmerizing Magic!  

​5D Volume

Unveil the Allure of 5D Volume: Where Every Lash Beckons with a Spellbinding Story, Each Blink an Enchanting Chapter of Beauty.  

Mascara Look ‑ Light

Glamour in Every Blink: Achieve the Perfect Wet‑Look Lashes that Mimic Freshly Applied Mascara!

Fox/Eyeliner Look

Embrace effortless allure with our eyelash extensions: the subtle elegance of an eyeliner look, enhancing your natural beauty with every flutte

Mascara Look ‑ Bold 

Intensified Glamour: Embrace the Bold Beauty of Lash Extensions that Combine the Power of Mascara with Show‑Stopping Thickness!  

Wispy Light

Experience Wispy Light eyelashes a natural yet dramatic blend with long-short styling. They offer a feather-light feel and seamlessly elevate your eyes, striking the ideal balance between elegance and allure.  

Wispy Volume

Whispering Elegance: Discover the Subtle Drama of Wispy Volume Lashes, Where Every Blink Unveils a Tale of Delicate Glamour.  

Wispy Mega Volume

Eyes That Mesmerize: Embrace the Ethereal Glamour of Wispy Mega Volume Lashes, Where Every Glance Paints a Picture of Enchanted Allure.

Soft Mega Volume

Introducing Soft Mega Volume Eyelash extensions ‑ the perfect blend of natural and voluminous. These lashes provide a feather light, yet thick and striking look. Enjoy the confidence of captivating eyes without the heavy feel. Elevate your beauty with Soft Mega Volume Lashes  

Mega volume

Your passport to captivating, bold lashes. Crafted to deliver the ultimate in volume, these extensions boast a dramatic, full‑bodied appearance that's bound to leave a lasting impression.

Semi Permanent Make Up

Experience beautiful, semi-permanent makeup with less pain, minimal swelling, and gentle healing! Whether you’re looking for perfect eyebrows, stunning eyeliner, or a gorgeous lip blush, our techniques ensure you get the beauty you want with a soothing, comfortable experience.

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Hairstroke Eyebrow

Semi-permanent technique designed to create realistic, hair-like strokes that mimic natural eyebrow hairs. This method offers a natural and well-defined brow look that enhances your features with subtlety and elegance.

Fade Veil Ombre Brow 

Ombre Brows use a semi-permanent makeup technique to achieve a beautiful gradient effect where the color fades from light at the front to a darker shade at the tail. This method offers a natural and elegant look that enhances your eyebrows.

Feather Eyebrow

Combining the best of ombre and hairstroke technique, this semi permanent service offers a natural gradient with delicate hairstroke.


Choose between classic lines for a subtle enhancement or winged styles for a bold, dramatic look. Our semi-permanent technique ensures long-lasting beauty

Lip Blush

Get a naturally beautiful lip color and shape with our semi-permanent lip blush technique for a youthful and fresh look.

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